The final Conference day was full of interesting events

The third day of the Conference started with parallel sections in the hotels "Žabljak" and "Gorske oči", as well as the section in the virtual room. The authors presented papers that predominantly dealt with topics related to energy, image and sound processing, and the application of information technologies in various fields.
After the end of the sections dedicated to scientific and professional author's papers, a very inspiring lecture on the large language models was held in the hall of the "Gorske oči" hotel. The scientific and professional program was concluded with an extremely well-attended and interesting panel on the topic of "AI - Pro et Contra".
The conference was concluded traditionally: with participants socializing with music, dance, and song, until late into the night. The band Pljevaljski tamburaši was responsible for the good atmosphere, and the offer of the National Restaurant on the Crno jezero contributed to the participants' satisfaction.

The training within the framework of the EUROCC2 project – supercomputers application in the industry

On the second day of the XXVII scientific-professional conference, a training session was organized – application of supercomputers in industry and examples of good practices. The training was conducted as a part of the second phase of the EuroCC2 project - National Competence Centres within the framework of EuroHPC which is financed by the funds of the Joint Undertaking for European High-Performance Computing (EuroHPVC JU) and it continues with the promotion of supercomputer application at the national level by identifying relevant users and aligning their needs with available resources in the national centres of competencies for supercomputing. The project supports the development of innovative solutions by targeted participants in the private and public sector by providing support to interested end users in the use of HPC/HPDA/AI. The University of Donja Gorica (UDG) and the University of Montenegro (UoM) participate in the EuroCC2 project on behalf of the National Centre of Competencies for high-performance computing of Montenegro.
Regarding aforementioned, the participants had the opportunity to hear Panayiota Katsamba, representative of the National Centre of Competencies of Cyprus (NCC Cyprus) and examples of good practice regarding the empowerment of industry and application of high-performance computing in it. Tina Crnigoj Marc, on behalf of the National Centre of Competencies in HPC Slovenia and Saso Knez, on behalf of the Shark Aero Company presented an example of good practice regarding application of an open-source software package in the aero industry.
Doc. Luka Filipovic, PhD, on behalf of the National Centres of Competencies in HPC of Montenegro (NCC Montenegro) presented examples of good practices implemented by NCC Montenegro – activities based on the use of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) for application in industrial domains defined by the Strategy of Smart Specialization (2019-2024) for Montenegro. The training participants had the opportunity to hear about the creation of SaaS solution, based on machine learning and data gathering, which will enable financial institution and other companies to significantly improve personalized banking and payments services to their clients – an innovative solution jointly implemented by the Fleka company and the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, UDG. The solution was presented by Marko Lekovic, on behalf of the Fleka company. In addition to the above, the attendees were addressed by Ivan Soc, FiveG and Ivan Boskovic on behalf of the Čikom company.
During the second part of the training, the participants had the opportunity to hear about strategies and uses-cases as initiators of innovative solutions which are applied within the framework of the National centres of competencies in HPC of Turkey, Romania, Netherlands and the North Macedonia.
The goal of the training was the presentation of success stories and use cases in the application of high-performance computing and the use of available resources in the National centres of competencies in industry and networking with National centres of competencies within the EuroCC2 as well.
About 140 (in-person and online) representatives of the research, academic and business community participated in the training.

The second day of the conference was successfully completed

On the second day of the "Information Technologies" conference, three sections were held in parallel in the morning hours, in the "Žabljak" hotel, the "Gorske oči" hotel, and in the virtual room where visitors are present exclusively online. In all sections, participants had the opportunity to hear very interesting presentations by authors on topics from various fields. Nevertheless, topics from the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software solutions were dominantly covered. In the "Žabljak" hotel, invited papers were also presented on the topic of the impact of advanced statistical techniques on the field of information technology and the application of quality standards in software engineering.
In the afternoon, a poster section was held in which, in addition to short presentations of the author's works, the results of current research and innovative projects were mainly presented.
This day was featured by two significant events. The constituent session of the NOG4ME organization was held, as well as the EuroCC2 training.
A very fulfilling working day, in which more than 120 participants took part, ended in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere in the cafe bar "Međed" accompanied by excellent musicians from the group "Kino Kultura".

The XXVIII scientific-professional conference IT 2024 has started its work

XXVIII scientific and professional conference "Information Technology" started today in Žabljak. Two oral sections were held in parallel, in the hotel "Žabljak", and the hotel "Gorske oči", and one virtual section.
The audience in the "Žabljak" hotel had the opportunity to hear presentations by authors on topics from various fields. The authors dealt with problems related to image processing, audio signals, USV control, and acyclic graphs.
Visitors at the "Gorske oči" hotel listened to presentations on Blockchain technology, IT security, standardization, and application of artificial intelligence in various fields, as well as the management of vessels without a human crew.
In the virtual section, where both the authors of the works and the audience were present exclusively online, topics related to virtual trade and knowledge transfer were treated.
The plenary part of the program started with the presentation of the Montenegrin Academic Digital Innovation Hub, supported by the DigNEST project. It continued with the presentation of projects EuroCC2, TRACEWINDU, FoodHUB, HPC4S3ME, AI-AGE, STECCI, FishEUTrust, Solar Katun, Enav, and COMMECT.
About 60 participants took part in the activities on the first day of the conference, and during the break of the conference's events could enjoy an organized visit to Savin Kuk. The working day was brought to an end with a welcome cocktail, in the pleasant atmosphere.

Everything is ready for the start of the conference

The final preparations for the start of the Conference have been completed. The first participants also arrived. This year, as was expected and usual at this time of the year, they were not greeted by a blanket of snow. Meteorological conditions have influenced a slight modification of the usual activities in free time. Since this year it will not be possible for Conference participants and visitors to recreate on the snowy slopes of Savin Kuk, the organizers will do their best to design activities adapted to the current weather conditions.

Conference program posted

We are pleased to inform you that the Program of the 28th IT Conference and the schedule of sections are posted on the site within the links "Conference program" and "Sections schedule".

We would like to inform you that you can follow the work of the Conference via a videoconference link. Authors of papers will be able to present their papers using the ZOOM video conferencing system. Access links are posted on the Conference website, within the links "Section schedule" and "Conference program". More detailed information is published on the website or you can get it from the technical secretary at
For a user to use the ZOOM video conferencing system, the computer must have:

  • standard web browser,
  • webcam and headphones with microphone and
  • Internet connection

Authors who will present their papers are asked to pay special attention to the "INSTRUCTIONS FOR PRESENTATION OF PAPERS", and for any additional information, you can contact the mail

Notification for authors


  • The registration fee is required for participants whose papers were accepted for presentation at the Conference.
  • The paper may present one of the authors if the registration fee has been paid.
  • If the paper is not presented it will not be found in the Proceedings of IT 2024. Papers written in English accepted for publication in the IEEE Xplore database will be published in the Proceedings only as Abstract.
  • Each paper must be presented within 10 minutes and an additional 5 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Authors can present papers and follow the Conference through the ZOOM video conferencing system. Links to access the video conferencing are posted on the website of the Conference, under the link "Sections schedule". Each section has its link.
  • The author presenting the paper must enroll in the corresponding section 10 minutes before the beginning and contact the chairman.
  • Authors are strongly advised to send a scanned copy of conference fee payment proof because communication between banks can be prolonged and consequently we could have not valid information.

Any additional information can be found at the website of the Conference or contact us.

Thank you for your participation.

The deadline for submissions has been extended

We are pleased to invite you to the 28th international scientific and professional conference INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2024.

We inform you that, at the request of the authors of the papers, the deadline for submission of papers has been extended to January 29, 2024.

Accepted papers can be presented in the oral or poster section. Papers can also be presented online, through the ZOOM application.

We expect your participation in the upcoming Conference.

We invite the academic, professional and general public to follow the activities at the Conference and online, via videoconference access links that will be available on the official website of the Conference.


28th International Information Technology Conference IT 2024

28th International Information Technology Conference IT 2024 will be held from February 21st until February 24th in Žabljak. The Conference shall host lectures and round table discussions about development trends in the field of information and communication technologies, as well as actual problems in this field in Montenegro. 

In agreement with the Organizing Committee of the Conference, interested institutions are invited to organize presentations of their scientific, research, professional, development and production projects and achievements. 

Papers submitted for presentation at the Conference shall be reviewed and selected based on the full paper. Papers should be written according to the instructions you can download here: Instructions.doc.

We expect your support, suggestions, and participation at the upcoming IT conference.