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17.02.2020 24th International Information Technology Conference 2020
Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Montenegro and "IT Society" are organizing the XXIV scientific-professional conference "INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2020", which will be held from 18 to 22 February 2020 in Zabljak. This is a scientific and professional conference, which has been organized in Zabljak for 24 years and aims at a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of current trends in the field of information and communication technologies. The Conference will host panels, author sessions, workshops and roundtable discussions on ICT development trends, the digital transformation process, as well as other issues in the field. The Program Committee is composed of eminent scientists from 8 countries, and the Conference is supported by the IEEE Association and the IEEE Section for Serbia and Montenegro. In addition to the presentation of the papers, the conference will be attended by eminent and competent international and domestic experts in panels on the topics: "IoT security risks", "ICT in power systems" and "Blockchain technology and applications".
As in previous years, it will be possible for the professional and scientific public and all interested parties to follow the events of the Conference via video conferencing. Links to access the Conference via the Internet, as well as all the details of the program and other activities, will be available on the official website.
In addition to scientific and professional activities, the organizers made an effort that the participants enjoyed the charms of Durmitor and many local tourist facilities, through organized events in the form of the following activities: SKI workshop, Boiled wine at Jezera, "Durmitorko sijelo" with the guitar, Lake view from "Savine vode" and IT Banquet at the Black Lake and Marina BanoviŠ fashion show.
The Conference was supported by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Faculty of Information Technology - University of Donja Gorica (UDG), Faculty of Organizational Sciences - University of Belgrade (FON UB), Ministry of Science of Montenegro, ╚ikom doo, Roaming Networks, Symantec / Broadcom, Zabljak Municipality, Zabljak Tourist Organization and National Tourism Organization (NTO) of Montenegro.
The organizers are expecting over 200 participants, hoping for nice weather, socializing and plenty of ideas and snow.
The opening of the Conference is on February 20th at 9 pm in the restaurant "Crno jezero" in Zabljak.

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Information Technology , Center of Information Technology University of Montenegro