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Information Technology - IT 2022
07.06.2022 IT 2022 Special Event: Panel Discussion on HPC/AI and Applications
NGO “IT Društvo” and HPC NCC Montenegro, with support from University of Montenegro and University of Donja Gorica, organized a special session – panel “HPC/AI applications – opportunities, challenges and perspectives” as part of the XXVI scientific-professional conference Information Technology, IT 2022. The event took place on June 4, 2022 in the canyon of the river Tara, municipality of Žabljak, Montenegro. This panel discussion was focused on the opportunities, challenges and perspectives of the application of Artificial Intelligence and High-performance Computing in Montenegro, the region, and around the world.
Representatives from University of Belgrade, University of Sarajevo, University of Montenegro, and University of Donja Gorica took part in these discussions. There was around 35 participants including he representatives of industry from IT, medical, and agricultural sector. The socializing and networking took place in the beautiful ambient of the river Tara. This is another one in the list of events engaging the key partners and industry representatives in Montenegro and the region.
The event was opened by prof. dr Bozo Krstajic (University of Montenegro) and dr Sandra Tinaj (NCC Montenegro). The event included a lively Q&A session with presentations of projects (FASTER, EUROCC, AIMHIGH). The final list of panelists:
· prof. dr Srdjan Krco (DunavNET, Serbia),
· prof. dr Almir Badnjevic (VERLAB, Bosnia),
· prof. dr Sanja Vujnović (University of Belgrade, Serbia),
· prof. dr Slobodan Djukanovic (University of Montenegro, Montenegro),
· prof. dr Tomo Popovic (University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro) as moderator.

21.02.2022 The conference was covered by the media

18.02.2022 The final day of the Conference was successfully completed
The activities planned for the third day of the IT2022 conference has been completed. Again, there was an author session in the morning and 8 papers were presented. In the afternoon, the second round of EuroCC training was held, which includes lectures on High-Performance Computing (HPC), Data Processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The conference was rounded off with a presentation of student projects that rely on HPC and AI. Despite the fact that this year the IT conference was organized virtually, we had the opportunity to meet new people and arrange future meetings and cooperation.  More...

18.02.2022 The second day of the Conference was successfully concluded
On the second day of the IT2022 conference, an authors section was held in the morning, where 8 papers were presented. In the afternoon, the first part of a two-day workshop organized by EuroCC Montenegro entitled "2nd High Performance Computing, High Performance Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence" was held. During the first day, there were several presentations including presenters from Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus and Montenegro. There was around 50 attendees in a hybrid setting, where 10-15 people were at the EuroCC Montenegro offices at UDG and around 40 people followed the workshop over Zoom.  More...

16.02.2022 26th IT Conference started
The 26th IT conference has started, which will take place ONLINE through our official website and using the video conferencing platform that we have used before. We are ready to such working conditions, thanks to the technology we have been promoting for almost 3 decades, but we are still sorry that we will not meet our dear participants and fans of this Conference. We hope that the conditions will soon be created for us to hang out and connect again in the traditional, unique and dearer way.
The first day of the 26th IT conference began with the presentation of 16 papers in 2 parallel ONLINE sections, and continued with the presentation of the results of 10 successful IT projects. The ZOOM platform used adequately responded to the requirements of holding such events. On the first day of the conference, 60 participants took part in the work.  More...

"IT Society", with the support of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro and the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, University of Donja Gorica, and under the auspices of IEEE, organizes the XXVI Scientific and Professional Conference "INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES - PRESENT AND FUTURE 2022" February 16-18, 2022 ONLINE. This scientific-professional gathering, which has been organized for 26 years, aims at a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of current events in the field of information and communication technologies. At this year Conference, presentations of scientific and professional papers, results of international research projects and a two-day training in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) will be organized.
Unfortunately, this year Conference will be exclusively ONLINE (for known reasons), but the organizers planned the plenary activities "live" as soon as the necessary conditions are created. During the ONLINE work, smaller gatherings of participants will be organized at the locations of academic institutions that support this gathering. Of course, as in previous years, the general professional and scientific public and all interested parties can follow the activities of the Conference via the Internet, via videoconferencing access links, which are available on the official website of the Conference.
The organizers expect about 100 participants and invite all those interested to take part in the work.  More...

09.02.2022 Conferece program posted
We are pleased to inform you that the Program of the 26th IT Conference and the schedule of sections is posted on the site within the links "Conference program" and "Sections schedule".

You can download the program of the XXVI International Scientific-Professional Conference IT`22 here as well.

We would like to inform you that you can follow the work of the Conference via a videoconference link. Authors of papers will be able to present their papers using the ZOOM video conferencing system. Access links are posted on the Conference website, within the links "Section schedule" and "Conference program". More detailed information is published on the website or you can get it from the technical secretary at
In order for a user to use the ZOOM video conferencing system, the computer must have:
- standard web browser,
- webcam and headphones with microphone and
- Internet connection

Authors who will present their papers are asked to pay special attention to the "INSTRUCTIONS FOR PRESENTATION OF PAPERS", and for any additional information you can contact the mail  More...

09.02.2022 Notification for authors

  • The registration fee is required for participants whose papers were accepted for presentation at the Conference.

  • Paper may present one of the authors if the registration fee has been paid.

  • If paper is not presented it will not be found in the Proceedings of IT 2022. Papers written in English accepted for publication in IEEE Xplore database will be published in the Proceedings only as Abstract.

  • Each paper must be present within time slot of 10 minutes and an additional 5 minutes for questions and answers.

  • Authors present papers and follow the Conference through the ZOOM video conferencing system. Links to access the video conferencing are posted on the website of the Conference, under the link "Schedule of section". Each section has its own link.

  • The author who presents the paper must enroll the corresponding section 10 minutes prior to the beginning and contact the chairman.

  • Authors are strongly advised to send a scanned copy of conference fees payment proof, because communication between banks can be very slow and consequently we could have not a valid information.

Any additional information can be found at web site of Conference or contact us.

Thank you for your participation.


11.12.2021 26th IT will be held ONLINE
We are pleased to invite you to the 26th International Scientific and Professional Conference of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2022, which will be held ONLINE from 16 to 19 February 2022. Due to the current pandemic, we decided to hold presentations of authors works and part of the plenary sessions ONLINE. Some plenary sessions may be held COMBINED in locations suitable for that purpose and streamed ONLINE, and part of the plenary presentations will be held in the second - spring term in Žabljak. Taught by the wonderful experience from the last year and expecting more favorable conditions for socializing, we are looking forward to the second part of the conference, which we will hold on Durmitor in a May or June 2022.
The upcoming conference is supported by the IEEE Association and the IEEE Section for Serbia and Montenegro, so we recommend authors to write papers in English. Papers written in English will be submitted to the IEEE Association for publication in IEEE Xplore.
We would like to inform you that, due to the ONLINE way of holding the conference, the registration fee for authors papers has been reduced and new fees have been published on the website. Authors papers submitted for presentation will be reviewed and selected on the basis of a complete paper, and accepted papers will be presented within the ONLINE oral sections. Papers should be written according to the instructions on the site.
In agreement with the Organizing Committee of the Conference, interested institutions may organize ONLINE or COMBINED presentations of their scientific research, professional, development and production projects and achievements.
We wish you good health, happy and cheerful upcoming holidays and look forward to your participation in the upcoming Conference!  More...

21.07.2021 26th International Information Technology Conference IT 2022
26th International Information Technology Conference IT 2022 will be held from February 16th until February 19th in Žabljak. Conference shall host lectures and round table discussions about development trends in the field of information and communication technologies, as well as actual problems in this field in Montenegro.

In agreement with the Organizing Committee of the Conference, interested institutions are invited to organize presentations of their scientific, research, professional, development and production projects and achievements.

Papers submitted for presentation at the Conference shall be reviewed and selected based on the full paper. Papers should be written according to the instructions you can download here:

- Instructions.doc.

We expect your support, suggestions and participation at the upcoming IT conference.  More...

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